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Toxic laden ship arriving at Alang

Bhavnagar :
In May 2020, the ship was rejected for a heavy quantity of toxic waste, which was sold for Bangladesh shipbreaking. Heavy agitation forced Bangladesh to skip such Ship, and now notorious shipping business persons trying to lead her at Alang ship recycling yard. 
Movement is underway to bring such tanker ship J-Nat (formerly named JESSLYN NATUNA) to the Alang Shipbreaking Yard, and the ship is expected to arrive on October 14. When Cash Buyer of ship tried to sent her at Bangladesh, the ship was forced to return from Andaman-Nicobar after a heavy-handed action.
The ship was kept in Singapore during the monsoon by the Cash Buyer of ship J-Nat. The Department of Border Management of the Union Home Ministry has informed the Gujarat Government of the hazardous waste-filled ship J-Nat.
All the activities of the ship J-Nat registered under IMO No. 8100909 seem to be suspicious, and the navigational instruments of the ship, AIS (with which the ship can be traced) are also in a state of shutdown. The tug C-Cas (IMO No.8411047) which is pulling it off far from Port Kelang at 8 pm on Thursday and is showing the navigational position to arrive at Alang Anchorage on 14th October.
The J-Nat ship includes about 1500 tonnes of mercury waste, 60 tons of slug oil, 1000 tons of slop oil, 500 burnt oiled water. The ship was due to be demolished in May 2020 in Bangladesh, but the ship was kept in Singapore for five months after fierce opposition to the ship and the movement to re-exit and sell it in the Alang shipbreaking yard is underway.

Marely image of Alang rectified, such Ship may ruins again

With collective and huge efforts Ship Recycling Association of India (SRIA) and concerned Government departments, Alang could reach near to HKC accreditation. Ship Recyclers with their own cost availed International standard facilities to their yards. Even European Union accreditation is in last leg. Leading fleet owners like Merks Lines sending their ships in Alang since few years. But few Ship Recyclers for their personal financial interest trying to fetch dubious toxic laden ships to Alang and such activities can damage the rectified image of entire Alang at international level. SRIA also should intervene in such issues in larger interest.



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